Steamy Pork Buns

steamy pork buns

If you’re wondering if steamy pork buns are the same thing as steamed pork buns, they are. Steamy pork buns got their name when my boyfriend, Nathan, misread an email from me. He kept calling them this for a good 6 months before I corrected him, but the name stuck. Whatever you want to call them, there are fewer meals that are more fun for me to make or more frequently requested by Nathan (he captured the beautiful picture of the steamy buns above in return for two buns). It’s like creating a giant dumpling, involves making dough (which I love), and uses hoisin sauce (my asian kryptonite). Better yet, they freeze beautifully-just steam them straight from the freezer for a few extra minutes and you have dinner ready to go.

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Sweet Potato Tots


I love to eat food with my hands-too bad it’s not always a socially acceptable practice. When I’m at home, by myself, I love to eat waffles with my hands, tearing off large chunks and dipping them into syrup. I’ve also been known to double fist hefty slices of pecan pie, and, if I had it my way, would always eat sushi sans chop sticks (partly due to my inability to use this utensil). These sweet potato tots are perfect for me-they essentially require the use of hands. Better yet, I’ve never seen anyone use a fork to eat their tater tots. There’s something about picking up one of these nuggets that just makes me smile. They’re slightly firm on the outside and have the perfect amount of give on the inside. They’re plump nuggets of happiness, especially when dunked in either Sriracha or pesto mayo.

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